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A Quick Look At Our Awesome Creations

Elemental: Spell Battle (秘法對決)

A highly interactive strategy game where players have to engage in a spell battle to inherit their master’s name and fortunes.


Work Blocks


Collaborating Organisation: The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

With the goal to help secondary school students explore their lives and plan their future, this board game provides them with a better understanding of their own characteristics and strengths.

Money Management


Collaborating Organisation: Investor Education Centre & Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

With the aim to build good money management attitudes among children through a fun and entertaining way, this card game imitates the real-life financial situations faced by adults.


Dou Dou Island

Collaborating Organisation: Hong Kong Phab Association

Designed as a cooperative game, players play as talented architects to build a barrier-free environment for people who are physically challenged by improving all the facilities in the community.


Around the World in $80


Collaborating Organisation: Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board

Players travel around the world on a mission to become the World’s Greatest Traveller. This board game teaches youngsters the importance of saving and spending their money wisely.




Collaborating Organisation: The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention

Targeted at rehabilitated offenders, this game aims to help them find their purposes in life and guide them to achieve their goals in a fun and educational way.

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